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New gaming PC

Since my current gaming PC has become my streaming PC, I decided to get myself a new gaming PC.

One thing was clear though, it wasn't going to be Intel-based in 2020, so I decided to go with the new generation of Ryzen processors (5600X). And since allegedly there has been quite the improvement in driver availability in Linux, I thought this might be the time for me to return to team red in the graphics department as well...

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Smoking on stream?

In order to learn more about the platform and to try and be a better streamer, I keep going aroung and checking out other channels on Twitch.

And I've noticed a disturbing amount of people vape on stream, perhaps even as high as 30% of streamers in the categories I'm looking in. And as a life-long asthmatic and anti-smoking proponent, it just seems completely out-of-touch to me...

Quick Disclaimer: I will be using the terms smoking and vaping pretty much interchangably here, because to me it is a distinction without a difference.

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Malk-repellent build

Just thought I'd share the build I used to get sub-3 in the current Trial (Malkarion).

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New PC... kinda...

So, I found out that Asus actually makes an updated "NUC-alike". With new Ryzen chips (Laptop APU's), that look more than capable of encoding a 1080/60 stream. Hopefully this kind of mini PC will allow me to start streaming Linux games, which currently isn't possible due to hardware limitations of my current system...

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