The Games


At first I just played Switch games on stream, but later on I bought a shiny new gaming PC. And since I have a massive backlog of Steam games to get through, I haven't really touch my Switch much since (Except for Monster Hunter Rise).

Note: I should be getting a SteamDeck some time this year, so I think I will be doing some streams from that as well.

Favorite Games/Genres

I like playing Horror, Roleplaying, puzzle, shooters, fighting, platformers, and even Minecraft some times (but it has been a while).


My absolute favorite type of games are ones that can be played in local multiplayer. Couch multiplayer is just the most fun period, and it is kinda half of the reason for most of my stream setup choices. So I plan on bringing other people on stream once it is safe to do so, and we are slowly getting to a point where that could become a reality.

You can check out my game collection if you want to know what could be in store for the stream.