New PC... kinda...

So, I found out that Asus actually makes an updated "NUC-alike". With new Ryzen chips (Laptop APU's), that look more than capable of encoding a 1080/60 stream. Hopefully this kind of mini PC will allow me to start streaming Linux games, which currently isn't possible due to hardware limitations of my current system.

So I've ordered a unit with a Ryzen 4700U in it, hoping that it will be powerful enough to transcode both gameplay and camera, as well as handle the audio processing. Looking at the performance of older Ryzen laptops though, I'm pretty confident that this will be the case. I am concerned by the number of available USB ports, because my current setup is already going to occupy all of them, and I'm unsure how well everything will work with a HUB... Well, fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, and I also buckled and ordered a StreamDeck due to the availability of:

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