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Back from hiatus

The majority of the renovations have been completed, and I have been able to move all the streaming equipment back into position. So I have finally started again.

Also, I had my first Collab stream with Lum (hachirota_ram), and it went great! (Read more, for video)
We plan to stream together weekly (every saturday from around noon danish time)

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Smoking on stream?

In order to learn more about the platform and to try and be a better streamer, I keep going aroung and checking out other channels on Twitch.

And I've noticed a disturbing amount of people vape on stream, perhaps even as high as 30% of streamers in the categories I'm looking in. And as a life-long asthmatic and anti-smoking proponent, it just seems completely out-of-touch to me...

Quick Disclaimer: I will be using the terms smoking and vaping pretty much interchangably here, because to me it is a distinction without a difference.

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First ever stream

I had my friend pop in to make sure the audio was set up correctly and it seems to have been okay. But I noticed some mic feedback after I stopped streaming so there might have been a delayed mic echo but noone complained I guess...

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