New gaming PC: Update

I finished building and installing my new computer last weekend. So I just wanted to write an update about the system.

So because of the current shortages on Ryzen 5000 CPUs, I decided to just buy a Ryzen 3100 and use that until I receive my 5600X.

I tested out the system with both "Borderlands: The pre-sequel", "Borderlands 3", "Warframe" and "Mirrors edge: Catalyst".

So far it seems to be running the older games just fine at maximum, but in BL3 I had to lower the graphics to High in 1080p, in order to get a solid 60 fps.

So finally I'll include the spec list:

  • Case: ThermalTake V21 (aka. The IKEA/Kallax case)
  • MB: Asus TUF Gaming B550M-Plus
  • CPU: Ryzen 3100 (for now)
  • RAM: 32GB 3200mhz CL14 G.Skill
  • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800
  • SSD: 1TB Aorus NVME
  • HDD: 4TB WD 5400rpm
  • OS: Arch Linux

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