New gaming PC

Since my current gaming PC has become my streaming PC, I decided to get myself a new gaming PC.

One thing was clear though, it wasn't going to be Intel-based in 2020, so I decided to go with the new generation of Ryzen processors (5600X). And since allegedly there has been quite the improvement in driver availability in Linux, I thought this might be the time for me to return to team red in the graphics department as well.

In fact I just ordered an RX 6800, so now I have actually ordered all of the parts.
But I have no idea when everything will arrive. The motherboard, RAM etc. should all arrive some time next week, but... The CPU and GPU...

Pretty much all of the Ryzen 5000's are in back order everywhere, I think the estimated delivery said beginning of December, but I have a feeling that it might as well be end of December, if not the beginning of next year.

But as long as I managed to get my order in on time, I at least expect to have the GPU this year.

So obviously I will be installing Arch Linux on the machine, not in the least because that way I get the newest kernel, or so to say, I get a kernel that actually has support for the new GPU.

I don't yet know which games I will be playing on PC though. I went over my Steam library yesterday, and I definitely think I will need to purchase some new games to leverage the new GPU. All of my games are several years old at this point.

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