Oh yeah, blog is still up, I should post...

So, I haven't updated the site or posted anything in a while, so I thought it was about time that I did.

First and foremost, I have gone through the site and updated the pages, even adding Japanese for most of them. (Just in case a Japanese person happened to wander in here)

So! What is new in my life/stream? Well there's a bunch of things I haven't mentioned yet. Most recently I started using Twitter... But only in Japanese, but you're more than welcome to follow anyways. I do post live notifications there (And usually also in Discord).

I've also started Colaborating with a few Japanese streamers, and It's been a lot of fun so far. (and hopefully it is also helping my Japanese, but I dunno)

And I've finally figured out my terrible Audio setup so at least it is a lot less terrible now. I've set up a proper noise gate, compression, and even a limiter that should never even be activated, but nevertheless it is there just in case.




その他は、最近日本人の配信者とコラボし始まった。結構楽しくて、日本語の勉強もたくさんなるだろう? (ラムさんはこさんも優しくて面白くてフォローして下さいね)

あとは、やっとオーディオ設定をきれいに出来ました!最初はノイズ減少とゲインいっぱいぐらいしかなかった。んで少しあとにイギリスの配信者が助かってイコライザーも入れたがまだ… あまり良くなった… が! やっとちゃんとノイスゲートもコンプレッサーもリミッターも入れて、もうだいぶきれいかと思います。 完璧じゃないけど、ステリオの部屋マイクで… ここまでだろう? w

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