Looking forward to the new version of OBS

Version 28 looks to have a number of fixes and additions. The biggest of which is probably the HDR support, but personally I'm more interested in playing around with the updated inteface and testing out the potential performance increase.

But I'm still going to wait a bit to install it, since StreamFX isn't fully supported yet. All the other plugins that I'm using seems to have been updated already.

Since I'm currently experiencing some performance issues with version 27, I think I'm going to redo my entire scene setup from scratch. Both to play around with the new interface, but also to avoid bringing over any performance issues with the old setup.

Simultaneously, I might also Switch from using StreamDeck-UI to instead use a (newer?) project called Boatswain. It looks a lot more modern, feature-rich, and certainly a lot closer to the official Corsair software.

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