Camera delayed...

So, I finally gave up on eglobalcentral to deliver my camera.
Despite the bad reviews, I thought I would give them a chance, but that was clearly a mistake.

I ordered the camera on the 20th of July, and delivery should have been 6-8 days.
Once the order confirmation came in, they added up to another 4 days. (citing covid19 as the reasoning).

Now, more than 2 weeks... The GLS tracking page still shows that the package hasn't been handed over to them.
While the webshops tracking page shows 2 weeks worth of daily delay messages claiming to come from the courier... This is simply baffling behaviour from a "european" webshop.

So I finally decided to cancel my order and just buy the camera at full price, and have it delivered by friday.

..I'm fairly confident that I'm not shopping with these guys again...

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